Note Concerning a Home Break-in Incident

Saturday, July 21, 2007
While gone today between 1:40-2:00pm someone broke down our back door. My  dogs were being groomed so they were not at home. Our Alarm went off we  were called and my husband said to dispatched the police. I arrived home 15 minutes later and stayed across the street. Within about 20-30 minutes from the initial call to the police, one car  arrived then 4 others.  The burglar was NOT in the house and so far we  can't identify any missing items.

The police said the alarm did work and it scared them off.

Tonight around Pam a young woman walked to each house on Marine St. saying  she is a neighbor, not on our block she's not, she said she lives on  Barrington and she was caring a Big Lot's bag holding a bouquet of fake  flowers, asking for donations. Also, my house keeper told me just today,  that two weeks ago on Sat. July 7th, a Black Male rang the door, but when  my little dog began barking he went away.

We all need to be very aware of people walking around who don't look  familiar, I believe it's o.k. to ask who they are, or report them, write  down what they look and what they are wearing, and if you are a victim of  a break in, call the police and make a police report.

I was planning on attending the Block Captain's meeting tonight, but had  to have my house secured.

I thought this is important to pass around.

Take care everyone,

Claudia Border

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