Information on Westdale Village Courtyard Apartments appeal
by Marty Rubin


Report from the Friends of the Westdale Village Courtyard Apartments on the latest developments:

The demolition of the three units belonging to Michael Christian is complete.

We did not engage legal counsel to fight City Hall.  Attorney estimates of the cost, in the five figures, were unacceptable to us - and far beyond our means.  Thank you to those who sent contributions to the legal fund; the checks were not deposited.  Please let us know by return email if you would like yours returned to you or if you‚Äôd prefer us to apply your contribution toward the $5000-plus expenses we have incurred in the past year.  An expense report is available to anyone who requests it.

There will be an appeal regarding the approval of Mike Christian‚Äôs condo subdivision application to the Department of Planning.  Of several issues addressed in the appeal, the primary one is that, although one developer was obligated by the city to provide a Historic Resources Survey as part of his application, Michael Christian was not.  This might lead to another opportunity of making our historic designation case for the remaining buildings.  It has been suggested that the Department of Planning can act independently of the City Council on this matter.

Where: West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission

            Henry Medina  West Los Angeles Parking Enforcement Facility,

            2nd floor, Roll Call Room

            11214 W. Exposition Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90064

When: January 18, 2006

Time: approximately 4:30 p.m.

The second developer referred to above is Dan Hazon, who built the condos on the corner of Butler and National.  He now owns the parcel on the corner of Federal and National, and during the hearing for his application for a condo subdivision he was told that he had to provide a Historic Resources Survey.  We are watching this case closely.

In an interesting turn of events the developers Bob Green and Tom Paul, who own three parcels next to the demolished sites, have decided to sell.  Reportedly they anticipate more resistance from the community and decided not to proceed with their project.  For the tenants who live in those apartments this is a reprieve that offers them more time, but it is not a final resolution.  We hope that the new owner will be motivated to engage in dialogue with the community before he or she moves ahead.

Our goal was to save all twelve buildings, and three have been lost.  But we have had a significant impact on several counts.  Foremost is the coalescence of the community around a very important issue that will have an effect on our quality of life.  Our grassroots effort is a good example of what the city's charter seeks to promote in the creation of the neighborhood council system.  We are far from what can eventually develop as neighborhood-based power, but we have taken a very important step.  We of FWCA are hopeful that it is one of many ever-larger steps to come.

Thank you again for your support!

Contact Ken Marsh for more information
Hearing: Nov. 30, 10:45am at City Hall
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