NWNA Meeting Minutes 10/13/08  by Amy Levy


I            Meeting called to order by Tony at 7:07


II          Mega Garage Sale

              About 16 families have signed up now.  Tony asked for $75 for advertising.  Tony paints signs at places them at corners of the neighborhood.  Discussion about how to advertise more effectively and efficiently followed.  The church is having a sale and the school is having their carnival on the same Saturday.  Balloons for the corners of house locations as well.


MOTION:  Allocate $75 for advertising, PASSED.


III        Committee Formation

              Safety, Beautification, Airport, Community Development and Outreach are suggested topics.  In the next month, the committee should meet to set goals and vision and report back to the general meeting.  Discussion followed on more topics and what would be the purpose for them.  Trees, electronic billboards, writing for grants were discussed.  Coordinate with MVCC.  Discussion included more ideas for promoting our NWNA west of Barrington.  Boy Scouts can distribute newsletter as community service. 

Beautification could include getting trashcans on Pico.  Put notice for the committee meeting in the newsletter.  Jim volunteered to head this committee.

Safety committee - will be headed by Bill.

School committee -  will be Kammy, Gwen and Cecile.

Airport committee - will be Gwen.

Community Outreach - MVCC has approved funding for block parties.  Lorraine will volunteer.


IV        Mar Vista Community Council

              Stakeholder meeting is tomorrow at 6:30, Mar Vista Park.   Tables on sustainable living, green construction and composting.  November 13, at 10:00 there will be a Community Shake Down, like a giant fire drill.  Check out shakeout.org for more information.  A note will be our next newsletter.  CERT training in first aid, fire abatement and search/rescue is available, but there is a time commitment, 3 weekends.  Repeat notices in our newsletter.


V          FarmerÕs Market

              New foods are drawing and pleasing crowds.


VI        Meeting with Councilman

              Tony meets Len, the councilmanÕs aide, on a monthly basis.  If anyone is interested can join this committee.  The freeway/Palms Bridge will be open, but Sawtelle and National will still be under construction.  Repaving on Pearl St. began.


VII      Loudspeakers at Webster

              Residents are bothered by the early morning announcements.  Complaints should be directed to the school office and the district office as well.  If you vote at Webster, stop by the office and make a formal complaint with Principal Wallace.


VIII    Neighborhood issue

              A large house is renting rooms to many college-aged students.  Many residents will be impacted by parking and other issues.  Complaints could be lodged to Urban Planning and Zoning Departments.


IX       Richland Ave School

              Measure Q would benefit from this passing. 

              Haunted House sponsor needed to complete $600.


X         Dues Collection

              Some of our dues could be allocated to Richland.

One third would be $600.  Committees could have a budget and this could be a line item in our budget.  Budget committee could make a detailed budget plan.


Motion:  NWNA will donate $600 to Richland to sponsor Haunted House, seconded Ð PASSED.


XI       Identity Theft

              Mail that has your name or any information on it should be shredded or disposed of properly.  Fund a Community Shred


XII     Adjourned at 8:25.

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