NWNA April 8, 2013 Meeting Draft Minutes
by Joan Rubin

Call to Order at 7:10 PM
Introductions - Seventeen in attendance

Approval of March Minutes tabled until May 13, 2013 meeting

Outreach Committee funding motion presented by Lorrain  - Discussion results in $500.00 unanimously passed to fund May 18, 2013 NWNA's first Block Party.

Treasurer's report by Wayne

Call for candidates for May election:

         President :
         Brad Wilhite & Martin Rubin

         Vice President:
         Tony Sanelli

         Joan Rubin

         Wayne Matsuyama

Safety Committee Report
Bill Koontz reported on the progress of Neighborhood Watch Signs

No VP report

President's report - Bill Koontz gave an update on the Casden and Martin Cadillac property development plans.

Santa Monica Airport Committee report  - Marty informed group of two upcoming events and urged members to attend both.
1. Venice Neighborhood Council SMO Forum - Saturday, April 27
2. SM City Council Meeting on SMO only - Tuesday, April 30.

Richland Committee report - by Kami

Adjournment: 8:10 PM

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