December 12, 2005 North Westdale Neighborhood Association Minutes
by Amy Levy

I. Meeting called to order by Pete Castro at 7:10pm.

II. Block Captains Meeting:
In January, there will be a separate meeting focusing on the duties and obligations of a Block Captain for the new area as well as our old boundaries. We will let the Block Captains know in a letter as well as on a note attached to the newsletter packets delivered to Block Captains.

III. By-Laws Update:
In the next newsletter we will let neighbors know that we will be voting and approving any changes at that meeting. There are two drafts now but it would be best to bring one for approval to the January meeting. The committee will meet again.

IV. Airport Update:
There was a long meeting of the “Panel of Experts.” It is now in the process of being transcribed. A future Town Hall meeting will be set to review progress.

V. Newsletter:
Include a reminder for dues. The crime alert flyer from LAPD has a sketch and description of recent burglars and could be included as well. Grafffiti tagging has been noticed on a few places on sidewalks.

VI. Upcoming Events:
Block Parties to be discussed later.
Neighborhood Pride Day might be an event NWNA could sponsor.

VII. Mar Vista Community Council:
Tomorrow night is a stake holders meeting at Mar Vista Park at 7:00. An e-mail will go out to advertise.

Our Community Emergency Response Team collected supplies and stored it in a large container. That container has developed a few holes in the roof. These leaks have destroyed many of the items and mold has spread. The supplies need to be updated and neighbors need some new information on emergency preparedness. Further discussion will be needed an a new committee should be formed.

IX. Adjourn

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