Welcome to North Westdale!

The North Westdale Neighborhood Association serves the area bounded by the 405 Freeway to the east, National Boulevard to the south, Centinela Avenue/Bundy Drive to the west and the Santa Monica Freeway to the north
, representing approximately 1000 homes. All residents, both home owners and renters, are members. There is an annual voluntary donation of $10 per household.  View the updated May 2006 by-laws.


We employ Security Service Systems to patrol our neighborhood. The service costs each household about $30 a month (voluntary fee.) For each 28 paying households, we receive an additional hour of coverage per day. Paying households qualify for additional services. Call 477-2095 to join.

We were organized originally in about 1980 as a crime watch. The Los Angeles Police Department has observed that crime in our area is significantly lower as a result of our organization. But we have other interests as well.

Community Improvement

Community Awareness Your block has a representative who attends the monthly meetings and distributes the newsletter. You are encouraged to keep in touch with your block captain or attend the meetings yourself. The meetings in September through May focus on concerns within our immediate neighborhood. The June meeting offers a public opportunity for all residents to meet our city council representative, police captain, and other community leaders.

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May 8, 2006 By-laws update