NWNA – Minutes for February 2009


I           Dues

            The amount of money collected is lower than in the past years.  Block Captains are not anxious to knock on doors, but it is the most effective way to collect dues.


II         Safety Committee

Meetings on the 4th Thursday at the Coffee Connection at Venice and Centinela.

Thirty five officers have been relocated out of our area, so we should be on the lookout for  any increases in crime.  The shooting in our areas was deemed a negligent discharge of a firearm.

MVCC has lawn signs promoting child safety available.

This Thursday, LAPD has a block captain/neighborhood watch meeting at Pacific Division.

The committee will meet to specifically hammer out the details of getting our neighborhood watch up and running.

The Internet Cafe on National Blvd. attracts quite a large crowd especially in the back parking lot in the evenings on the weekend.  The alley is used as a raceway as well.  There is also an area penned off for pit bulls.  It is at the very far end of our area 14A25 so it may be overlooked.  There is evidence of drinking, drug abuse and shooting.


III        Beautification Committee

            The committee will meet to discuss plans.


IV        St. Andrew's Church

            Serving up Valentines dinner on Friday, February 13 at 7:00 for a fundraiser for Westside FoodBank.  On February 20, there will be a clean-up for all the groups that use the church facilities to help on projects.  The church is asking for anyone in the community who can donate paining, handyman, cleaning and gardening service and volunteers.  9am to 1pm. 

            May 30 – Spring Fling – Saturday fun for all the groups who use the church to enjoy the season.  MVCC could do their Meet and Greet at this time.  Our own NWNA could have "New Neighbor" packet available at that time as well.


V         MVCC

            Some effort is going towards Mar Vista Park and Library recycling programs.

The mailbox on Butler and Clarkson has been removed.


VI        Newsletter

            Suggestions for improving welcome.

            Questions about the plan for developing the Pico/Exposition project – no news.

Question about the freeway construction – putting one more lane on the 405, running into underground lines, widening Sawtelle.

Dinner Club -  Include more of a write up to show what comes out of the Dinner Club.



VII       Airport

            There are two planes that appear to be landing/flying in formation.  Please report any instances of this to our yahoo group and report to Airport Manager Stellios.



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