Minutes 1/12/09  --  North Westdale Neighborhood Association


I           Meeting called to order at 7:03 by Tony Sanelli.


II         Dues Collection Report

            The total amount is down from last year so we will include another notice in our newsletter.  A few blocks have not reported as yet.


III        Committee Reports

            Safety Committee  --  The lot at Rite-Aid seems to be cleaner.  Several vehicles were towed.  Several tents were set up behind the 76 Gas Station construction fence.  Those have been removed.  The Recycling Center in the lot is still an area of concern and meetings are planned with the property manager and our Senior Lead Officer Wicks on January 20.  We will put an agenda item on the next meeting about a Neighborhood Watch.  There was a shooting in the evening in the alley off 2600 Barrington.  No conclusion was made to what it was all about. 

            Airport Committee  --  The committee would like to draft a position paper for NWNA on jet issues at the airport.  There was an incident last week where the landing gear did not come down on a jet.  Neighbors are encouraged to sign up on jetairpollution.com.  We will check on the agenda for any items that could be voted on so we could get interested neighbors to attend.  The MVCC website will have that information.

            Beautification  --  There was a meeting with the principal at Webster regarding the noise the speakers make in our neighborhood.  It will require letters to district engineers to adjust the speakers.

            Richland Elementary  --  Disney workers are coming in February.  Logging in your receipts at Westside Pavilion can raise money for the school.  There is also a fundraiser in March and they are looking for donations of service items like, manicures, haircuts, etc.  There is a Kindergarten Roundup this month to attract more parents to this small school to bulk up enrollment.


IV        New Business

            Dinner next month is at Curios Palate on Venice between Inglewood and Grand View on the first Monday of February.

            There are many new neighbors, we will look into updating the new neighbor letter.

            Dog owners are reminded to pick up after pets or respond neighborly to friendly reminders.

            MVCC meeting is tomorrow.

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