North Westdale Neighborhood Association – October 10, 2005 Meeting Minutes

Minutes by Amy Levy

I. Call to order by Audrey O’Donnell at 7:07
    Pete is away at a meeting.

II. Sign-in and record any new e-mail addresses.
    Minutes are recorded on our webpage now.

III. By-Laws Committee Report
    Marty Rubin reported that there was a first meeting with just a few neighbors attending. He encouraged anyone interested to call him to join the next meeting, 479-2529 or e-mail The committee will bring a draft to the December meeting for ratification.

IV. Richland School Report
    The principal reported that Richland School Achievement scores have continued to improve. School enrollment is down. The number of students bused to school is also decreased. The playground on the Kindergarten yard needs final approval. The main yard will also get a new play structure. There has been planting and clearing in the garden. There are plans for an amphitheater in the works. The Halloween Haunted House will be back again this year during the last weekend of October. Back to School Night will be on the October 18. The Grand Opening for the Wonders of Reading Library will be November 4, 10am. The trees are doing well and plaques are made for trees that were adopted and watered.
Volunteer training will begin for the new Wonders of Reading Library soon, more information to follow. Other volunteer opportunities are offered at the school for tutoring.
Discussion followed regarding attracting more families to consider Richland as a viable choice. Advertising the great programs, like the free after-school program, and promoting and educating the community will be key tools, especially at the next Kindergarten Round-Up. Flyers for the Haunted House can be distributed along with our Newsletter.

V. Events Committee Update
    Over ten homes participated and the traffic seemed good for the Garage Sale.
The next event might be a Garden Party to celebrate the opening of the Richland Garden.

VI. Westdale Village Courtyard Apartments Update
    Ken Marsh reported on plans to develop more condos along National. A vote against recommending these houses as historical monument took place in city council. Ken invited anyone who is interested to attend the next meeting, more information to follow. He has collected over one thousand signatures on a petition supporting protecting these apartments.

VII. Block Captains Update
    Captains needed for Armacost, Wellesley, Burkshire, Stoner (north of Ocean Park) and Granville (south of Ocean Park).

VIII. New Business
    Our new editor for our newsletter, Vicky Sanelli (310.694-0228) reported that the next newsletter will be out a week before our next meeting.
Dues are slow to come in. Block captains can encourage neighbors to contribute.
Block Captains should consider handing out pre-addressed envelopes with the next newsletter for dues collection.
Street repairs are needed and the problem should be made clear to our new councilman.
Airport issues – Town Hall Meeting on November 10, at Webster Auditorium 6:30pm regarding the pollution caused from idling jets.

IX. Crime
    House burglarized on Colby

X Next meeting Monday, November 14.

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