NWNA Annual Meeting Minutes -- June 12, 2006

I.     Pete Castro called the meeting to order at 7:12.

II.     Officer Craig White:
Ofc. White can be reached at 310-622-3973. He also recommends calling 311 for the Directory of City Services. They can forward your call to the appropriate department.
For emergencies from home phone, call 911. However, from a cellular phone, 911 connects to CHP dispatch. Calling 1-877-ASK-LAPD will get you to a local dispatcher more quickly. Response time for emergency calls is getting shorter.
The website for Pacific Division is http://pacificbeat.org.
Update on Venice High shooting – meeting at Venice High on Thursday 6/14/06.
During warm weather, take care to secure windows.
School police resource officer covers a wide area. Concerns regarding truancy are covered under LAPD Truancy Task Force. Students are supposed to be in school from 8:30-1:30 daily.

III.     CERT:
Community Emergency Response Training is provided by LAFD for 7 sessions at various locations around town. Stacy Brown had informational sheets will times available for any interested neighbors.
A shipping container that was used to store emergency supplies rusted through and leaked water. Most supplies were rendered useless and in need of disposal.

IV.     Neighborhood Survey:
A survey was distributed to those who attended the meeting.

V.     Mar Vista Community Council:
Bahaa had completed his two-year term in Zone 2. He encourages neighbors to attend the monthly meetings or join one of the several sub-committees of the council.
Our new director, Laura Bodensteiner will be inaugurated later this month.
Their website is http://marvistacc.org.
The council also plans to open an open air Farmer’s Market the second Sunday in July on Grandview south of Venice.

VI.     Richland Avenue Elementary:
The brochure that was distributed along with the most recent newsletter had information on updates from the school. A school/community liaison spoke about Richland becoming a Pre-K through 6th grade Charter School. Current enrollment of 299 is low for a school with a much larger capacity.
The need for community outreach was discussed. The Booster Club plans programs to improve the garden and the computer lab.

VII.     NWNA By-Laws:
Copies of an updated version was distributed and will be posted on our NWNA website. A vote will take place in September to adopt these new by-laws.

VIII .    Santa Monica Airport:
Jim Donaldson reported that jet repair companies have applied for operating permits, which means more jet traffic, noise and pollution. Some positive news was that a proposal to shorten the runway is making its way through the city council.

[Meeting continued but the secretary needed to leave]

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