North Westdale Neighborhood Association
Minutes for September 11, 2006

I    Meeting called to order by President Tony Sanelli.
    Tony would like to continue the work the Association has been doing.  He would also like to add some new ideas as well.  Email thoughts to Tony, he welcomes it

II    Treasurer’s Report
    Due to an increase in the cost of and the number of printing the newsletter ($55 to $250), the need to collect dues is quite important.  The block captains need to attach a personal envelope to the newsletter this next month to be more diligent about collecting money.  About half the people who used to donate are doing so now.
    Ideas for collecting dues and labeling the envelopes were discussed as well as ideas for reducing the cost.  October and November will be the dues collecting campaign months.  A note will follow in December to remind neighbors with our address.
    Block Captains can remind neighbors of the reasons to contribute.

III    By-Laws Committee
    Copies were again made available of the current (May) edition of the by-laws as well as the original document.  
    Discussion followed regarding making changes.  A motion was made to accept the draft and was carried. View By-laws.

IV    SM Airport
    SM City Council Candidate Forum on Airport Issues will be Thursday, October 5, 2006 at 6:30 to 9:00pm at the Ken Edwards Center located at 1527 4th Street, Santa Monica 90401.  Jim Donaldson will be there to represent us along with Martin Rubin.  He encouraged neighbors to attend.  He also asked the association to give their support in supporting this forum.  A motion was made and passed to use our association name in the forum.
    Some discussion followed regarding donating money to Martin Rubin.  A motion was made to donate $400, however a question regarding the process of reimbursing an outside organization or donating put off the vote.  Several years ago,

V    New Committee Formation
    Tony encourages neighbors to take an active leadership role in issues that might concern you.  For instance, it seems there needs to be a Finance Committee.
    We have a School Committee and that’s about all.

VI    Farmer’s Market
    The Mar Vista Farmer’s Market opened in August.  They need more participation from this area however.  The market is located on Grandview & Venice, every Sunday, park on Grandview at the Post Office.

VII    Mega Garage Sale
    On Saturday, October 21 from 8:00 – 2:00 we will have our 2nd giant sale.  This is another example of how our association benefits our neighborhood.

VIII    Trash Dumping/Abandoned Shopping Cart
    Information will be in the next newsletter with numbers to call.

IX    Mar Vista Community Council
    There is a council meeting tomorrow.  One of the issues is a proposal to give local neighborhoods money to reach out to renters and apartment dwellers with their newsletters.  The council is supporting all associations and us by making copies of our newsletters available at the Farmer’s Market.

X    Richland School Liaison - Tammy
    API score has gone up again this year.  Enrollment is down and the threat of closing or turning into a charter school looms.
    The Halloween Festival is coming soon.  The foam is coming to the Kindergarten yard under the new structure.  The new library is wonderful.  Neighbors can make calls to district office to herd these projects along.  The school governance committee begins next month and may need community representation.
    Ideas suggested included using our newsletter, the Mar Vista Community Council email calendar, as well as the Farmer’s Market.  The district may redraw the boundary lines.

XI    Crime Report
    There was an arrest in the Venice High student shooting.  Upcoming LAPD activities are posted on the Mar Vista Council’s website.

XII     Other Issues
    Street Maintenance

XIII     Adjourn 8:20

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