NWNA January 8, 2007 Meeting Minutes

I    Meeting called to order at 7:10pm.

II    Guest from Mar Vista Neighborhood Association reported on several home burglaries, one was an armed home invasion.

III    Identity Theft Speaker
Lou Marek is a neighbor and fraud expert for businesses.  He spoke about the proliferation of identity theft.  Never give out driver’s license or social security number out.  If you do, ask how it will be secured.  Never leave your computer on unattended.  Shred any confidential documents that come in the mail before discarding.  Contact info: 310.479-0850.

IV    Security Patrol – Security Systems
    They patrol our Westdale area and provide a 24-hour response service.  They also provide home alarms and chaperone service.  We will include more information in the next newsletter.

V    Spring Event
To have more community outreach, we could organize an event each quarter to have neighbors get together to be more familiar with each other.  We could organize something around Richland Elementary School.  Seasonal activities could include a Christmas house decorating contest, movie nights, and a Halloween parade. Bahaa, our vice-president, will be heading this up.
The February 13th Mar Vista Neighborhood Council is offering us a table at the Stakeholders meeting with all the pizza and salad you can eat. The Council will also donate $1000 for these community outreach activities.

VI    Budget Meeting Update
    The committee created a draft of yearly expenses, about $3500 and our income, about $4000.  It became apparent that the collection of dues is falling short of projection.  Every block captain needs to follow through on collecting from each home in both our new and our old boundary areas.

VII    Block Captain List
    An updated list will be distributed to each captain with the next batch of newsletters.

VIII    Guest Speaker – Air Pollution & Weather

IX    Adjourn

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