NorthWestdale Neighborhood Association
Meeting  - October 9, 2006

I    Meeting called to order by Tony quite promptly at 7:02.

II    Committee Reports
    Treasurer’s Report – We have $5222 in our account.  We just donated $200 to the church for our meetings.  We bring in on average about $1200 in dues.  We plan to do better this year.  Projected expenses would include resupplying our community response bin and repairing the bin itself, donations and newsletter costs.  Other budget items should probably be looked over by a committee.  Audrey volunteered to work on this Budget/Planning Committee as long as she will be joined by someone west of Barrington and someone east of Barrington.
    Neighborhood Business Directory – Tony brought up the idea to raise money for the association.  Pete had collected about 15 neighbor surveys for service providers.  We could also have the service providers donate a percent to a community project.  There could also be advertising in the directory to raise funds or we could even take donations and give an acknowledgement in the directory.  We will add a page to the newsletter to have neighbors give us information on the services they provide for this directory.
    Santa Monica Airport Forum – Martin Rubin reported that all 10 candidates for the SM Council attended this event, the second annual forum.  The candidates seemed quite interested in the Airport and the issues residents have.  The group will be endorsing certain candidates in the future.

III    Block Captains Needed – Several blocks east of Barrington need captains as well as most blocks west of Barrington.  We will try to reach out in a friendly manner to encourage more involvement.  An Outreach Committee will be formed to work to include our extended boundaries.  

IV    Dues – Our collecting campaign begins now.  We will attach an envelope (addressed to the block captain) and a short note to the next newsletter.  The block captains should keep track of which neighbors participate in our dues drive.

V    Parliamentary Procedure – When issues are brought up to have our association make a donation, it takes several months.  The amounts of donations will be under the Budget Committee’s jurisdiction.  

There is a motion to donate $200 to Martin Rubin and his organization.  It was seconded and passed with a majority.

VI    Crime Report – On Clarkson, a garage was burglarized earlier in the year.  July 4th, a fire was set in trash bins.  More recently, an unfamiliar car sat with headlights on for quite a long time.  Discussion followed regarding security systems and other crime deterrents.  Calling neighbors to alert them

VI    Giant Garage Sale – Saturday, October 21 is the big day.  Maps will be at each location.  Hours are 8:00 – 4:00.

VII    Mar Vista Community Council – Funding Neighborhood Newsletters passed the council to reach out to Apartment dwellers.

VIII     New Business
    New Community Emergency Response Training will be starting in October.
    Tree Planting begins 9:00 on Saturday, October 28 at St. John’s Church on National.
    Invite Councilman Bill Rosendahl to December meeting.  He has benn supportive on airport issues

IX    Adjourn at 8:11.

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