North Westdale Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes

I    Tony called the meeting to order and welcomed several new Block Captains.

II    Committees
    At the last meeting, Tony wanted to begin several new committees.  He asked the group for thoughts about this group approach.  It was discussed that most everything could be in our regular meetings and we could have committees meet then report back to our monthly meetings.

III    Outreach – West of Barrington
    A special bulletin will go out, several times for that area to attract neighbors to volunteer as Block Captains.
    Our December meeting will have a special guest, our Councilman Bill Rosendahl in an open forum.  It was suggested that we advertise the issues that will be discussed, for instance traffic, road paving, speed. 

IV    Community Council Meeting Tomorrow
The meeting will be the annual Stake Holders Meeting will be at 7pm.  Traffic will be the main topic.  The council owns a speed trailer that reports your speed.  We could borrow it as long as we provide the electricity.

V    Safety
    A suggestion was made to have a security patrol business come to an annual meeting to give information to our neighbors.

VI    Block Captains
    Update on bringing in dues.  Envelopes attached to neighbors east of Barrington, but not our new neighbors.  Knocking on doors really brings in a high percentage of dues.

VII    Education
    Parents of younger children are starting to organize and form playgroups.  They are having a planning meeting in January and another meeting in February for the Kindergarten Round-Up for Richland Ave School.

VIII    Website
    We thanked Andy for his diligence on updating our website and inputing email addresses as well.

IX    Santa Monica Airport
    Martin reported on legislation in SM affecting the airport.  Monitor studies are underway collecting information on fumes and noise.  More information is available on the CRAAP website.
    Questions regarding helicopters were brought up.  Were flight paths changed?  Helicopters are supposed to come in directly form the north and at least 900ft high.  For offenders, call the Airport Noise Abatement at 310. 458-8591.  Ask for a call back with a report number.  Planes do avoid the noise monitors to stay within the decibel level allowed.  We would like to see the idling planes moved further down the runway.  Part of the northernmost corner of the airport was once Los Angeles, but taken over by Santa Monica.

X    CERT Container
    It has been reported that the damaged supplies have been removed.  We should should discuss repairing the container, replacing the container or disposing of the container.

XI    Farmer’s Market
    At the December 3 and 10 market, there will be a Craft Fair.  No outside food allowed.

XII    Mega Garage Sale
    A huge success with more than 30 homes involved!  Wow!

XIII Adjourn
    All invited and encouraged to attend the December meeting with Councilman Rosendahl.

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