NWNA General Meeting Minutes by Amy Levy
September 12, 2005

I. Pete Castro called the meeting to order at 7:10

II. Welcome
Neighbors coming from west of Barrington were introduced.
Survey distributed again for new members.

III. Garage Sale Update
Coordinated by the Sanelli's 2751 Barry, call 702-4208.
Advertised in the L.A. Times.

IV. Volunteers needed for the Association
A plea for new Block Captains was put to the members.
Question:  How do you find out who your Block Captain is?  Could that information be on the website?
The newsletter needs a new editor as well as a logo.
Question:  What images would capture our neighborhood?  Suggestions included planes, freeways or trees.

V. Speaker Ken Marsh,  Neighborhood Council Member
Westdale Village Courtyard Apartments are under development with plans to build condos similar to the unit on National and Butler.   Ken asked for signatures on a petition protesting this development.  He also spoke about trying to have this land set aside as a Historical, Cultural monument.  The green space between the ranch style apartment is unique and deserving preservation.  The City Council took up this issue, but ended with two votes for and two against granting Historical Cultural Monument.  Thus, the matter will be taken up again.  The petition was circulated for signatures.  A vote will also be on tomorrow's MVCC Meeting Agenda.
Question: What can we do as a community to be made aware of plans for other developments?

VI. Neighbor complaints about dogs off leash.
Many neighbors have reported seeing dogs walked off the leash.  Comments about noisy dogs left in yards during the day.  Neighbors can make a written notice to Animal Control.  An informational article will be placed in the next newsletter.

VII. MVCC Update
Bahaa Mikhail asked for volunteers for our new neighbors joining the association West of Barrington.  He implored neighbors to come to the meetings of the Community Council.  The issues that are important to us are the topics that will be discussed.  He listed concerns that he has received: grafitti and street paving.  Other concerns brought up: sidewalk repair, speed bumps, paving alleyways, zoning issues.
On the agenda tomorrow: tree-trimming, Westdale Village Apartments.
A straw poll was taken on: Westdale Apartment (most were favorable for granting Historical status)

VIII. School Update
The association began a sub-committee for school related issues.  The Booster Club at Richland reports that the Richland Garden will open in November.  New playground equipment opens in November. Haunted House will open October 22.  The Wonder of Reading Library will be unveiled in November.  Richland was approved as an Arts Prototype School.
Question:  What does an Art Prototype School entail?  How can the school be informed of changes such as this?  Concerns can be directed to Cecille Benson.

IX. SM Airport Update
Marty Rubin spoke about the difficulties of our representation in Santa Monica.  He urged votes for a candidate in tomorrow's election.  He distributed cards to sign up to be informed.

X. Dues Time
Collecting dues of $10 is ongoing.

XI. New Business
By-laws Committee will be formed to update the association by-laws.  It has been ten years since they were updated.  They are on the website.  Susan has copies for review.  She can be reached at 479-0611.  More extensive by-laws are in the association files.

XII. Next Meeting October 10
Meeting adjourned 8:30.

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